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Imogen Lovell Maxim cover December 2018

Imogen Lovell is the front cover star of December 2018 Maxim Australia!

As she makes her MAXIM cover girl debut, meet IMOGEN LOVELL – the new Ultra Tune babe starring alongside Charlie Sheen in an all-new TV commercial coming soon…

Hey Imogen, congrats on your first-ever MAXIM cover. How do you feel?
Nothing can describe the feeling of being on my home soil and being able to see myself in such a classy yet little sexy magazine in my own country. Even better it’s the lucky last of the year and I’m over the moon. I’m feeling very blessed right now.

What did you love most about this photo shoot?
The team and the atmosphere they bought to the shoot. When you have a team that just laughs, gets things done and you’re all in sync with each other, it makes things just fly through. I’m super stoked to have had such an amazing day with the MAXIM team – I walked away feeling on top on the moon. Thanks guys, you’re truly amazing!

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When do you feel sexy?
When I’m wearing my favourite high heels and I’ve just had my hair done.

What is your best asset?
Definitely my eyes. They are moody eyes so they change from yellow speckles, and blue to a dark blue ring with light blue inside, and can even go almost a hazel colour. They’re crazy to watch but they’re definitely the mirror to my soul.  

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imogen lovell maxim

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